NEW Axopar 29 Cross Cabin Top 10 Key Features plus Walkthrough

Peter Hrones First Impression of the Axopar 29

Dive into an in-depth analysis of the Axopar 29 Cross Cabin’s key features and options. Following its highly anticipated premiere at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, where it garnered significant attention, this blog explores the innovative design elements and versatile offerings of this popular vessel. Join us as we uncover the insights of Peter Hrones, Managing Director of Eyachts, to unveil the unique attributes of the Axopar 29 Cross Cabin.

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Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52
  1. Versatile Bow Area:

The Axopar 29 Cross Cabin impresses with its adaptable bow area, featuring a customizable L or U-shaped sofa and table and a forward-facing seat, accommodating up to 8 guests with ease. This dynamic layout effortlessly transitions from a cozy dining space to a spacious sunbed, providing unparalleled versatility for relaxation or socializing.

As Peter Hrones explains, “The bow social configuration features a table with two sets of legs and a cushion which is neatly stowed in the port seat locker, making for an easy sunbed transformation”, adding excitedly, “I don’t know how they have created this much space on the bow of a 29-footer, it has the space of a boat in the mid-30 feet range.”

  1. Smart Anchor Locker Access:

Experience hassle-free anchoring with the smart anchor winch access located conveniently through a cup holder. This intuitive feature allows easy access to fittings while keeping the cushion in place, ensuring a seamless boating experience from start to finish. Additional switches and electronics are kept dry in a separate compartment located just behind the anchor locker.

  1. NEW Multi-Cabin:

The Axopar 29 range introduces a new multi-cabin design, featuring a head, sink, and storage as standard, with the option to convert into a spacious double berth. This innovative layout enhances comfort and convenience, providing ample space for overnight stays without compromising on functionality.

After trying out the new cabin himself, Peter exclaims that at 185cm tall, he still has additional room, and the cabin is easily wide enough for two people, “it is impressively spacious and easy to access. It seamlessly transforms from a standard bathroom area into a comfortable double berth, providing ample space and fantastic ventilation.”

Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

L Sofa

Axopar 37 Design Improvements

U Sofa

Axopar 37 Design Improvements

Bow Sunbed

Axopar 37 Design Improvements

Forward facing sunbed

    1. 360° Vision from the helm:

    Enjoy unparalleled visibility and safety with 360-degree panoramic views from the helm. The uncluttered helm and optimized layout ensure clear sightlines, making navigation and mooring manoeuvres effortless and stress-free. Experiencing the visual first hand, Peter remarks, “really there are only two solid pillars in the pilothouse so vision-wise you have 360° views.”

    Hrones adds by highlighted the functionality of the helm area, stating, “The adjustable wheel and nice dash make for a comfortable and convenient driving experience.”

    1. Pilothouse and Sunroof:

    Similar to its predecessor, the Axopar 28 Cabin, the new 29 Cross Cabin embraces the elements with the opening sunroof, allowing you to bask in the sunshine or stargaze while cruising on the water. This feature enhances ventilation and provides a sense of openness, enhancing the overall boating experience.

    Peter Hrones was particularly impressed with the new and improved pilothouse area, praising the seat area, “The seats swivel around easily, offering flexibility and comfort for passengers. The generous headroom creates a spacious feel that makes you feel like you’re onboard a boat larger than 29-feet, offering ample room for movement and comfort. Transitioning from the back seats to the deck is effortless, even for individuals of larger stature, showcasing the thoughtful design and ease of access.”

    1. Details and Finishes:

    Discover superior craftsmanship and attention to detail in every aspect of the Axopar 29 Cross Cabin. From solid doors to ergonomic seating, every element is meticulously designed to elevate comfort and aesthetics on board.

    Despite the boat on display at Dusseldorf Boat Show only being the second ever made, Peter Hrones praised the high quality and was particularly impressed with the thought put into the aesthetic of the pilothouse doors, noting, “The detail in the doors and the way they are just fully solid doors nicely moulded right throughout is remarkable.”

Cabin Axopar 29
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Axopar 29 Driving seat
  1. Aft Layout Options:

Customize your boating experience with various aft layout options, including an aft bench, wet bar module, or spacious aft cabin.

On display was the aft cabin option and commenting on the improved access to the cabin Peter notes, “from the pilothouse, the back seats fold straight up and hold on magnets for easy access down below, making it effortless for tall individuals to navigate. From the rear the sunbed now completely opens on gas struts so if you are not using the cabin this space can affectively be used for storage.”

  1. Fresh Options:

Many new customizable features allow you to tailor your boat to suit your specific preferences and lifestyle. Explore new possibilities with fresh options like the optional wet bar to replace the fender locker on the port side.

“While the renowned Axopar lockers for mooring and ropes remain a staple feature, Axopar have introduced the exciting new options of a wetbar option offering a convenient barbecue setup, featuring a Magma barbecue mounted on a post, and a spacious deep fridge and sink configuration, ensuring versatility tailored to your boating needs,” describes Hrones.

  1. Impressive Hull Design

Experience exceptional performance and fuel efficiency with the Axopar 29 Cross Cabin’s hydrodynamic hull design. The optimized hull dynamics and two-step hull ensure smooth cruising at high speeds, making every journey a thrilling adventure.

Explaining the hull design Peter explains, “The hull design showcases a pronounced plum bow with a subtly heightened rise and an exceptionally defined chine, enhancing stability and performance. Despite the increased beam, the hull maintains its elegant 65° deep V profile, a hallmark of Axopar’s renowned two-step hull design.”

    Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

    Open aft

    Axopar 37 Design Improvements


    Axopar 37 Design Improvements


    Axopar 37 Design Improvements

    Aft cabin

      1. All-Weather Adventure Companion:

      Designed to be your ultimate all-weather adventure companion, the Axopar 29 Cross Cabin offers versatility, reliability, and comfort.

      Hrones summarised by saying, “The Axopar 29 Cross Cabin is ideal for the rugged Australian waters. With its versatile cabin for rainy weather, featuring an opening sunroof for sunny days, roof racks ready to carry adventure gear, ample forward and rear storage options, and overnight capabilities, this boat epitomizes epic adventures Down Under.”

      The first Axopar 29 Sun Top will premiere at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in May 2024 while the first Cross Cabin will make its debut at Sydney Boat Show in August 2024. Register below to be amongst the first to see this incredible new model in the flesh.


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