The Ultimate Guide to the Axopar 29 Sun Top, including Walkthrough

Axopar 29 Insights by Peter Hrones

Unveiling the all-new Axopar 29 Sun Top, a new standard for adventure boating with Peter Hrones, Managing Director of Eyachts. At the premiere at Dusseldorf Boat Show 2024 the 29 range was one of the most popular vessels at the show, hopping onboard in between the crowd, Hrones provides invaluable first impressions of this innovative vessel. From its cutting-edge hull design to its versatile layout and groundbreaking features, explore the Axopar 29 Sun Top through the expert lens of Hrones, guiding us through every aspect of this exciting new addition to the boating world.

Axopar 22 Eyachts, Australia and New Zealand
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52
  1. Performance-Based Hull:

The Axopar 29 Sun Top hull stays true to Axopar’s DNA, featuring pronounced chines and twin steps offering superior stability and performance. The 29 now reaches speeds of 48kts despite the bigger volume, and at 20% higher speed, the stats impressively show the same fuel efficiency. This Axopar is also the only 29-footer in its category to be rated category B for offshore cruising.

Peter’s enthusiasm is palpable as he marvels at deep V hull, explaining that, “The plum bow and enhanced rise create an incredible flare, maximizing space in the bow area. It’s remarkable how much room there is, thanks to the forward part of the hull.” Speaking to those who have driven the Axopar 29, the resounding feedback is that it drives more like a 37 than a 28 footer, providing another incredible feat by Axopar.

  1. Versatile Aft Layouts:

Customize your boating experience with various aft layout options, including an open aft, bench, wet bar module, or spacious aft cabin.

Peter emphasizes how these customizations ensure every boater’s needs are met, without compromising on quality or price. The premiere Axopar 29 Sun Top had an open layout, but looking at the aft cabin on the Cross Cabin model, Hrones explains, “The berth is probably 195cm long and wide enough for a couple. The new aft access is the full width of the sunbed, giving owners the option to use this area as a large storage space for adventure gear. This impressive new vessel really caters to every need.”

  1. Multi-Functional Cockpit Area:

The cockpit area is designed for functionality, comfort, and sociability. While the standard layout features four aft seats and two swivelling helm seats similar to the previous 28 model. However, the new optional U-shaped seating configuration features a large foldable table, allowing you to switch between dining and lounging modes easily.

Peter’s admiration for this cockpit layout shines through as he praises the thoughtful design, “In the cockpit, with the helm seats swivelled around, there is seating for 10 guests. Using the adjustable table height, the area transforms from dining to lounging,” adding, “the backrests are all interchangeable allowing you to create a rear-facing bench, for looking out to the horizon. Australians are really going to gravitate to this unique set-up; it is very versatile and completely undercover from our extreme sun.”

Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Open aft

Axopar 37 Design Improvements


Axopar 37 Design Improvements


Axopar 37 Design Improvements

Aft cabin

  1. NEW Opening Sunroof:

Following the success of the 37 Sun Top, this new 29 features a remarkably similar design. The large sunroof features a new electric sliding canvas roof so owners can enjoy sun protection or sunbathing; the choice is yours.

Peter commends the sturdy structure of the sunroof, adding, “when closed, this entire area is shaded, but when it is open, it brings sunshine and air into the cockpit; this is something we have not seen on any other model in this size range.”

  1. User-Friendly Helm Layout:

The helm area is driver-focused and intuitively designed for ease of use. With adjustable seats and unobstructed views, driving the Axopar 29 Sun Top is a pleasure in any condition.

Peter commends the ergonomic helm layout, highlighting easy access now from both port and starboard. “Having access from the driver’s side is a game changer, making docking and taking lines a breeze. The helm layout is also really user-friendly, with essential controls at arms reach, as well as well-placed handholds.” Peter continues his enthusiasm, “There is ample space for gadgets, including a non-skid mat perfect for storing your phone.” 5 pockets drivers side for mooring deeper fridge

  1. Social Bow Layouts:

The bow area is optimized for socializing and relaxation, the layout features an L sofa and forward-facing seat as standard with an option for a U sofa as well as a forward or rear facing sunbed. The space has ample seating for up to 8 guests.

Peter expresses amazement at the spaciousness of the bow area, “It’s impressive how much room they’ve created on a 29-footer.” He notes how the innovative table design and ample storage options, “the additional table legs and cushions are stored in the port locker for easy set up of the table or sunbed layouts. People will really like the forward-facing seat and the ability to move the sunbed to be forward facing while underway.” 

Whether you’re enjoying a day out on the water or anchoring for a leisurely lunch, the bow layout provides the perfect setting for social gatherings.

Cabin Axopar 29
Eyachts Australia Pardo GT52
Axopar 29 Driving seat

    7. Forward Head & Cabin Option:

    Experience added convenience with the forward head and berth option, providing a private space for overnight stays or storing gear and luggage. The innovative design seamlessly transforms the space from a standard bathroom to a comfortable sleeping area, featuring electric amenities and ample storage.

    After experiencing the new cabin layout firsthand, Peter couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. Standing at 185cm tall, he marvelled at the surplus room available and the effortless transition from a standard bathroom area to a comfortable double berth. “It’s impressively spacious, exceeding my height and surprisingly wide, definitely enough room for two people comfortably and larger than the aft cabin option,” he exclaimed. “The transformation is seamless, offering ample space and fantastic ventilation for a comfortable overnight experience.”

    1. NEW Design Features:

    The Axopar 29 Sun Top is NEW from top to tail, from the modular foredeck to the sun top roof. Every detail has been thoughtfully crafted to enhance functionality, comfort, and aesthetics on board.

    Peter marvels, “each feature is cleverly thought out, elevating the Axopar 29 Sun Top above the rest. One stand out feature is the side decks, they have to be 30% larger than the previous 28 model. I’m not a small person, and I can walk around the decks facing forward with ease.”

    1. Improved Options For Cooking:

    There are so many layout options for the bow, stern and cockpit, but some additional improved customisations include the larger cockpit fridge and additional wet bar.

    Peter accentuates the versatility of this new aft wet bar, “the lockers are standard on both port and starboard, but the starboard locker can be optioned with a sink and second fridge configurations, as well as a magma barbeque.”

    With options to suit every preference and lifestyle, you can tailor your boat to meet your specific needs and preferences.

      Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

      L Sofa

      Axopar 37 Design Improvements

      U Sofa

      Axopar 37 Design Improvements

      Bow Sunbed

      Axopar 37 Design Improvements

      Forward facing sunbed

      1. Sporty Aussie Day Boat:

      Designed for the adventurous spirit, the Axopar 29 Sun Top is the ultimate sporty day boat for exploring the rugged Australian waters. With its agile performance, versatile layout, and innovative features, this boat is ready to embark on epic adventures Down Under.

      Expressing his anticipation for showcasing the first Axopar 29 Sun Top in Australia, Peter exclaimed, “We’re excited to showcase this sporty day boat at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. It’s ready to redefine boating adventures Down Under.”

      The first Axopar 29 Sun Top will premiere at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in May 2024 while the first Cross Cabin will make its debut at Sydney Boat Show in August 2024. Register below to be amongst the first to see this incredible new model in the flesh.


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