Axopar 22 Offshore Performance Review

Joe Fox does an Axopar 22 performance test in the conditions it was made for!

If you know Sydney Heads you would know that this area is known for having turbulent seas. Combine a 1.5-2 metre southerly swell with a 30kt westerly and you have the type of mess that will really put this 22 ft dayboat to the test!

We have now taken this Axopar 22 offshore in a range of conditions and we are so impressed by the way it behaves, it handles waves and wind with ease.

“That sharp entry bow really comes into it’s own in those conditions, you’re not bouncing off the top of the big waves, you’re just cutting through and then it’s a soft landing into the next one… That was the most fun I’ve had driving a boat,” explained Joe Fox.

The Axopar 22 is not only the ideal day boat for enjoying what Australia and New Zealand waterways have to offer but it really is THE ULTIMATE DRIVERS BOAT.

The Axopar 22 hull key features

Very sharp entry reverse bow – designed to slice the surface of the water

Two large chines – keeping the boat dry by reflecting spray straight back down into the water.

Two hull steps – These channels suck air underneath the hull so at planing speed so the boat is actually sitting on a layer of bubbles reducing the friction which in turn reduces the power required to push the boat. This in turn reduces the fuel consumption and dramatically improves the performance and ride of the vessel.

Axopar 22 Offshore
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Trim and Ride

The well balanced hull rides effortlessly with little to no input required from the Trim Tabs. Trimming with engine trim only, the hull rides the surface chop well, with little spray coming over the bow or entering the cockpit.


Protection from the wide windscreen and bimini provide a secure feel when at a range of speeds in a range of conditions. With the driver positioned in the middle of the boat, handling is easy and predictable with hydraulic/electric steering.

Key statistics (200hp V6 Mercury tested)





  • 16-28KTS = 28L/H (1L per NM)

RANGE @ 28kts with 230L = 230nm

Axopar 37 Spyder


The ultimate driver’s boat for those who want to experience that windswept feeling when at the helm. An open boat that is spacious and versatile.

22 T-TOP

A bright, airy cockpit with the benefit of a canvas roof for all weather conditions.


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Does Hybrid Work? Greenline Hybrid Owner Testimonial

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