Axopar 25 Boarding Adventure



The Axopar 25 is the ideal dayboat with overnight capability. Passionate watersports enthusiasts Jaco and Jenny show off the capability of this vessel for every adventure. Join them for a day out, wakeboarding and kneeboarding.

DISCLAIMER: When towing in New South Wales, an observer MUST always be present; despite this story being focused on the couple on camera, an additional person was aboard at all times while towing while maintaining out of frame.

Axopar Boats Sydney Harbour
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Jenny met Jaco in a Caribbean marina, while the pair were both cruising the area. They went on to sail and work together all over the world in the marine industry and are now married with a new family. A love affair starting on the sea and one that will never part too far from the water.

Jaco is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junky, while Jenny is down for pretty much any adventure. When the first Axopar 25 arrived in Sydney equipped for towing Jaco and Jenny jumped on the opportunity for a day in the sun, relaxing and getting the endorphins flowing.

Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

Tossing the lines at the Quays Marina like on the day they first met, Jenny and Jaco headed into Pittwater flying along at a comfortable 40 knots.

After dropping into their favourite bay for a quick swim and some quality downtime it was time to turn up the heat.

With wind and surface chop making for not-so-ideal water sporting conditions, this was not something that would hold back this couple.

Jaco spends a lot of time kite surfing, so wakeboarding is something that comes naturally to him. The feeling of the fresh breeze and gliding through water is one that he craves, so to get some time towed behind the Axopar 25 was a treat, “it is so much fun,” he announced.

It was Jenny’s first time on the Jobe Multiposition Board, but she is down for absolutely anything and took kneeboarding up like a pro. Despite also being into wakeboarding she wanted to try something different. “The multiposition board is super buoyant and easy to pick up,” she said.

Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand
Axopar, Eyachts Australia and New Zealand

“The Axopar 25 is the perfect boat for water sports, it is powerful and robust enough to have fun but also nimble enough to steer at speed in tight circles. The extra cabin space makes for the perfect place to take a siesta after a full day of fun in the sun,” says Jaco.

Jenny added, “It was great to spend some quality time out on the water and do something new. The Axopar 25 is one of those boats that are great for so many people; couples, families or general adventure enthusiasts.”