Georgies Axopar 28 Review


Interviewed & Written by Marnie Ebeling

It was awesome to talk to a fellow female in powerboating, unfortunately, I don’t get the opportunity to talk to enough. I hope this interview sheds light on the fact that the purchase of an Axopar is not gender-specific. In fact, we have a number of fabulous female owners who love their boats. Let’s see why Georgie loves her Axopar 28 Cabin

Georgie began her boating years before the purchase of her Axopar, but not in the powerboating world. Georgie grew up as a sailor but when she decided to search for her own boat she found the Axopar 28‘ despite its length a well-designed boat that could easily be skippered single-handedly 

Georgie claimed, “The Axopar is so easy to handle I can head out at any time, in any condition.”

Some of Georgies favourite features are…

  • The bow thrusters
  • Sleep aboard
  • 3 distinct seating areas
  • Wind protector
  • Use whenever
  • Private head
  • Shade over front
Georgie refers to her Axopar as a “Sexy sports car. A convertible with opening doors and roof which allow full control of the amount of sun and wind one experiences.”
Georgie was first introduced to the Axopar 28 at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show which her cousin was attending.
“I asked my cousin to find me a boat as a joke. My cousin produced a brochure on the Axopar over dinner the following day which resulted in a test drive.
Another test drive back in Sydney harbour sealed the deal, delivery was in April 2019.”

Georgies favourite thing to do on her Axopar is to simply find a sheltered bay and read onboard all day. She is always greeted kindly by the coffee boat that swings by after lunch. She enjoys taking her 2 dogs out, who find their way around the Axopar easily and love being out on the water.

Although Georgie does love using the boat alone she also enjoys the social aspect, taking her friends out for a picnic and a swim, claiming that they are constantly surprised by all the cool innovative features.

She also took her mum out for a trip and despite having less than ideal weather the pair happily dined inside protected from the elements. Georgie states that she definitely continues to use the boat all year round due to the indoor/ outdoor versatility.

 When asked what a highlight moment onboard has been she stated that “Every day is fantastic but a distinct memory was when I took out the lilypad and my rotty swam into the beach thinking it was the bees knees”.

She also has a fond memory taking her son and friend spearfishing, this is something she wants to do more of.

She also wants to go whale watching more and venture up to Pittwater for a longer trip aboard.



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