Axopar 28 Customer Review

Axopar 28 Customer Review


This is a quick summary of our experience with the Axopar 28

 After owning various speed boats I wanted something that ticked the following boxes;
  • Comfortable and confident handling in riding the choppy Harbour conditions as well as a larger swell outside the heads.
  • Able to take our family of 5, plus other teenager friends (as well as adult friends) up to 12 with relative ease. Usable deck space!
  • Can tow inflatable toys and skiers/wakeboarding.
  • Has storage for toys/bags/equipment and a toilet…plus a possible overnight cabin.
  • Fast…we want to get to places quickly and safely.
  • Within a reasonable $ budget to purchase and maintain.
  • To be berthed close to home to ensure maximum convenience and ease of to use.  Boats on trailers, outside homes are rarely used!
  • Easy to maintain…after a day on the water all I want to do is quick wash down and leave.
  • Cool looking and easy handling.
We use our Axopar 28 on the following basis;
  • Friday evenings after work/school during summer months for water activities.
  • Weekends after morning sport…inviting children’s friends.  A great way to find out who they are hanging out with and also connecting with other parents/families.
  • All the kids enjoy it!
  • During Summer the local beaches become crowded…hard to park and stressful. Having your own space (a floating extension of our home) is very special. We have far more choice of beaches and places to visit.
  • Trips to Darling Harbour or the Fish Markets for lunch/dinner etc.
  • During VIVID we had multiple visits to the light show in the city and again a great way to bring family/friends together.  Seeing the city at night adds another dimension to boating.
  • June/July/August: Whale watching!  There are very few cities in the World where this can be done in your “back yard”.
  • If we have nothing on the agenda during the weekend, a trip on the boat will help get out into the fresh air and away from “screens” (Ipads/laptops/ TV’s etc.)
  • If feels like a little holiday/adventure every time we go out.
The right boats bring people together and create great memories!

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