What’s Next For RAND?

Interview with Co-Founder Oscar Rand

Meet Oscar Rand, the commercial director and co-founder of Rand Boats, alongside his brother Cal. In this exclusive interview, Oscar shares insights into the growing demand for sustainable boating and the exciting developments in electric propulsion.

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sundowners on the axopar Bow

Sailing into a Sustainable Future

Oscar sheds light on the increasing interest in sustainable boating. “Majority of the people requesting more information want to know more about how boats work with a sustainable mindset, leaning towards going electric,” he notes. The global popularity of electric boats aligns with environmental consciousness and practical needs.

Revolutionary Electric Propulsion

Rand Boats has conducted extensive investigations within focus groups, revealing that most users engage in short trips and prioritize social interactions on the water. Oscar emphasizes the versatility of electric propulsion, suitable for both displacement boats and larger vessels with deep V hulls, ensuring competitive pricing compared to traditional gasoline models.

He describes their powerful electric systems as “one of the most advanced electric propulsion systems,” offering ease of maintenance, installation, and compatibility with existing motorboating components.

friend enjoy limo style
sundowners on the axopar Bow

Unveiling the Solara 33: Luxury Redefined

Oscar introduces the Solara 33, a groundbreaking luxury electric dayboat. “It will be the first plus 30 ft luxury electric dayboat with a price point similar to a traditional combustion boat,” he reveals. The boat boasts unparalleled efficiency with a solar catamaran design, allowing for both low and high voltage operation.

“It’s less of a cramped boat and more like a luxury real estate on water,” Oscar describes. The Solara 33 stands out with incredible access, a Beach Lander feature, and transformative seating arrangements, redefining the electric boating experience.

The Adventurous Roamer 29: A Perfect Blend

Discussing the Roamer 29, Oscar emphasizes its development as the perfect adventure boat. He and his brother, driven by a passion for adventure, sought to create a vessel that blends speed, movability, and social interaction. The boat features clever transformations, providing ample space and comfort.

“It really just screams and shouts, ‘Let’s go on an adventure,'” says Oscar. The Roamer 29 combines luxury and adventure, featuring a clamping tent for stargazing, a sporty seat, and a versatile back space, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both excitement and comfort.

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Oscar highlights Rand Boats‘ commitment to innovation, driven by a value-driven approach. The company aims to create harmony between the oceans and mankind by offering unique and valuable experiences tailored to diverse boating needs.

Looking ahead, Rand Boats plans to launch a 38t adventure boat in the spring of 2024, featuring two cabins and a convertible pilot house. “Best of Two Worlds,” says Oscar, expressing pride in fulfilling their promise of delivering two to four boats annually.

The journey with Rand Boats promises a continuous stream of clever innovations, providing boating enthusiasts with exciting prospects between 20 ft to 45 ft


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