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The Whites Plan to cruise Spain on a Sealine

Richard and Suzie White are the first Australians to take on Eyachts European Delivery on their own Sealine C430, White Spirit.

The stunning new vessel is now ready in Mallorca for the couple to pick up and take off.

We sat down with the pair to discuss their plans and why they decided to launch their yacht in Europe.

Words by the Whites, Written by Marnie Ebeling











Why European Delivery?

Having done a lot of cruising around Mallorca and Minorca, the Whites claim them to be some of their favourite islands. The stunning secret bays you can discover are picturesque and there is absolutely no better way to explore these hidden coves than by boat. The ability to swim ashore and relax on the sunbeds while enjoying the beach bars or escape in your own private comfort aboard is the ideal way to travel on your own terms.

For the most part there is no need for a car and therefore parking is no issue, however, the pair have plans to hire a car at some point if the weather takes a turn giving them the opportunity to see what is happening on dry land.

White Spirit is intended to be constantly moving, darting from bay to bay avoiding marinas unless completely necessary.

With a 6 month European tour surrounding their on and off stays aboard White Spirit, the two will be making the most of the food and culture across the continent and saw the value in therefore taking hand of their Sealine in Spain, utilising it in the Med before shipping it back to Australia.


For the Whites, the best part about traveling on your own boat is the fact that you don’t need a plan… You make it up as you go.

The rough idea they have is to cruise around Mallorca and Minorca, with the potential to take the boat to Sardinia when their children join them in the middle of the year.

They do however have a bit of an itinerary to surround their time on the Sealine (but this is very loose)…

  • 23rd – Leave Australia
  • 23rd – 30th April – Cliveden England
  • 30th April – 2nd May – Stay in a castle in Palma de Mallorca
  • 2nd May – Move aboard White Spirit in Palma de Mallorca
  • 2nd – 18th May – Explore Mallorca (end up in Alcudia)
  • 18th May – Travel to Munich
  • 31st May – Fly from Croatia to Alcudia
  • 28th October – Fly home to Australia

They also hope to at some point travel to Capri, Italy, and Cypris, however, no solid dates have been set.

Learning Spanish is also something the couple have on the agenda. 

Preparation and Organisation

The team at Eyachts have been working closely with Mallorca Boat Sales to organise the Sealine C430 for the Whites. Mallorca Boat Sales have been the people on the other side who have taken hand and ensured the vessel was ready for delivery when the Whites arrived.

Suzie did a lot of research into the best method of getting all their belongings sent to Mallorca. As the boat would have nothing on board and she would have to spend time shopping around Mallorca for trivial items such as plates and cutlery, which she assumed would be quite overpriced, she opted to send boxes over.

Sending 11 boxes cost a total of 230Euros which is reasonable considering the time and money spent to collect these items while on the island. The boxes arrived at Mallorca Boat Sales within a few days where they took care of the items.

Suzie did warn that you need to be very careful what you send and read the fine print as goods such as liquids are not allowed.