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A day out on the Greenline NEO

Written by Marnie Ebeling

With so much interest at the premiere of the all-new, revolutionary Greenline NEO Hard Top at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, the Eyachts team were busting to take her for a spin, so at the first opportunity, they did.









The harsh rays of the Queensland sun tore down like piercing swords through naked skies. Not a cloud was to be seen, and in the 28-degree heat, the crew was itching to feel the breeze. Departing from Sanctuary Cove at mid-day the skipper, Dan Jones and five guests set off to Jumpinpin Bar.

Darting around the shallow sandbanks and zooming through the deep waters the Greenline NEO upheld a smooth and comfortable ride for the passengers, picking up speeds of 46 knots, taking quick, sharp turns. Able to host up to 16 guests, the party was extremely relaxed through the passage, spotting baby wallabies and kangaroos along the coastline. Some guests lay on the aft sun lounge, the perfect area for bronzing while feeling the fresh airflow, while the captain inspected the marvellous dashboard and spectacular instruments at the helm.

Arriving at our destination, Dan dropped the anchor and out came the champagne and sushi. Before departure, I picked up a few platters of sushi and some Moet for everyone to share. The bow table was the perfect location to fit everyone and enjoy our surroundings. Toasting to a great place, great weather and fantastic company, we giggled over silly conversations.








After we allowed the food to settle and bubbles to fizzle, the Stingray NEO+ was brought onto the platform, lowering the hydraulic board into the water to launch. If you haven’t heard of this incredible invention, the awesome company IAqua watersports introduced the fun toy to Australia as an underwater sea-scooter. The idea is that you hold on with two hands and zoom through the water, with multiple speed settings and the ability to dive deep underwater, you control how you move. Everyone was excited to take the mini NEO for a spin, circling the big NEO, diving and jumping back up to breathe. Jess and I even doubled up, for twice the fun. Personally, I haven’t enjoyed myself in the ocean that much in a long time, I couldn’t stop laughing. I can imagine in clear waters how cool it would be to put the snorkel on and adventure the reefs and swim with the fish.

Again our energy was depleted, so we decided to test out the centrepiece of the NEO, the teppanyaki grill. The island bar folds out to show off the electric barbeque and sink with fridge on the left and bin to the right. Everyone wrapped themselves around the large deck table, and Dan whipped out his chefs’ hat and apron, chopped the halloumi and let it sizzle. Within minutes garlic and honey coated halloumi were savoured by everyone on board.








As the sun began to set behind the hills, we all sat back with some more Moet and took in the serenity before taking off back to the docks in the dark.

Special thanks to the Trade A Boat and Iaqua crew for joining us on this amazing day!

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