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We always get questions on how to dock your boat so we decided we would make a video and blog to explain all!














  • The perk of outboards is awesome maneuverability, the NEO will so a full lock turn with ease.
  • Easy to dock solo
  • Plenty of seating for your guests to sit down and enjoy themselves without getting in the way
  • Great visibility around the boat
  • Drive up the runway
  • Be aware of the wind direction at all times
  • Spin the boat up next to the dock
  • Slide slip towards the dock
  • Once turned, centre the wheel
  • Use transverse thrusts
  • Keep eye on the dock
  • Take engines out of gear
  • Stay at the helm to avoid bounce back and ensure you are in place
  • Pick up stern line with one hand on the boat at all times
  • Then secure the bow line
  • DONE

    test IT YOURSELF…