The multi-award winning Axopar range is the result of long time experience and passion for boating. Designed and developed by true boating enthusiasts for the quality conscious boater, it is hard to find any other boat on the market today which offers such a good quality ride and all the features you find on the Axopar. The Axopar 28 range can reach top speeds of 36-47 kts.








AXOPAR 28 S2 Upgrades

It’s no easy task making an already very good boat that much better. So when it comes to product evaluation and product improvement, no matter how many management meetings and ‘think-tank’ groups we wish to assemble, Axopars most valuable single resource will always be the feedback and experience given to us by our customers out there using and enjoying our boats, in different regions across the world.

Only Axopar customers and their partners, their families and friends have a true understanding of what works best with our boats and what aspects, perhaps, could do with being improved. To the casual observer any 2018 model year improvements will appear as subtle ones and, as the following list will confirm, much unseen work has been carried out to make every hull designation that much more comfortable, stiffer, stronger, safer and more responsive than ever before.

Without tampering with the boat’s essential DNA and core values, customers already familiar with the outgoing model will immediately notice that every detail they can see, touch and feel about the all new Axopar 28 has been improved.

Axopar have increased the stakes in terms of quality and engineering, such that every shape and curvature has been honed to perfection with an extensive re-think of our modular construction. Everything from the hull stringers, transom, engine mounting etc has been revised and will be stronger and stiffer, with an enhanced level of fit & finish than ever before.

An extensive weight analysis programme ensured the target weight for the new boat has remained the same as the previous model (example: 28 T-Top weight 1790kg ex engines).

For added stability and improved balance, the hull has been scaled by 1.5%, equating to slightly longer length overall (increased by 13cm) and wider beam (increased by 5cm) and for greater passenger comfort inside the cockpit, the hull sides have been raised by 8cm and the deck level by 4cm respectively.










Style-conscious customers can now differentiate and characterize the look and feel of a standard specification Axopar by ordering from our BRABUS Line Trim Package options, adding value with discreet interior & exterior trim & styling enhancements. Branding for the hulls features a BRABUS Line signature and a boat model designation plaque now finished in carbon fibre.


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Axopar 28 Open



 Axopar 28 Open

The Axopar 28 Open is a stylish open walk-around day cruiser. Versatile and easy to handle, the 28 open has plenty of room thanks to its spacious configuration for sunbathing, water-sports, fishing, socialising or just cruising the Aussie coast.

The Axopar 28 Open helm and drivers position combined with its high and long windscreen provides you and your passengers a comfortable ride and keeps you dry in all driving conditions. 

You and your guests can relax on the forward sunbathing area while cruising or enjoy the sunset by the large sofa and table. With speeds up to 49 knots the Axopar 28 Open is the perfect choice for a fun day out on the water. 








Axopar 28 T-Top


 Axopar 28 T-Top

The Axopar 28 T-top is the ultimate leisure boat for trips to your favourite waterfront restaurant, water sports, sunbathing or just relaxing with friends and family. This sleek walk around cruiser with a canvas T-Top features a smart aft cabin for two that doubles as a large sun deck and sets the stage for all the on-water activities.

The spacious foredeck features a large sociable L-shaped sofa with table for four, which also transforms into a sun bed. A separate stowage/head with sink in front of the helm is also accessed from the fore deck.

Sun or Shade?  your choice – a truly versatile boat to suit Australian waters and conditions.








Axopar 28 Cabin



 Axopar 28 Cabin

The Axopar 28 Cabin is fully enclosable for all weather conditions yet open for warm and sunny summer days. Perfect for Australian waters.

It features a spacious, bright and comfortable cabin with wide sliding doors and a large sliding canvas roof. The sofa inside the cabin converts into a double bed.

This highly adaptable model has ample space for fishing and other activities on the aft deck and a large social area on the foredeck that can be quickly and easily converted into a sun bed or a seating and dining area. It also incorporates a stowage space with optional toilet and sink in front of the helm.

Whether for cruising, fishing or just unwinding with friends and family you’ll love the Axopar 28 Cabin.









Trade-A-Boat Australia

“I always go out on a limb when I suggest that a boat is the best I have ever reviewed; such a claim doesn’t leave a lot of room to move. After reviewing the Axopar 37 I may just have to reconsider my attitude. This could be the most fun you can have on a day boat.”

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BoatAdvice – Australia

“The Axopar 28 T Top is a fantastic package that offers a lot for the Australian market. The purposeful design, crafty additions and clever use of space deliver a sports boat package that is immensely usable. All round the performance is exceptional whether running into a swell and wind or cruising around a more sedate waterway.”

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Motor Boat & Yachting – UK

“It’s a remarkably clever layout that strikes the perfect balance between useable dayboat and focused driving machine.”, “The combination of cutting-edge looks, a deep-vee hull, a sociable deck layout, exhilarating performance and attractive pricing has struck a chord with buyers the world over.”

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Recently, we tested the Axopar 28 Cabin in 5’ to 7’ (1.52 to 2.13 m) seas in one of the roughest conditions we have ever tested a boat in, much less a one this size with an open bow… (watch the footage to see how she handles).



Boote Magazine

The hulls of both Axopar 28 are divided into three segments separated by two transverse steps. They reduce the water resistance and are responsible for the fact that you need only little power trim while driving. The vertical bow merges into a sharply cut V-hull, which gradually flattens out aft and is equipped with longitudinal sliding stages.



Club Marine – Australia

“I thought they looked really interesting and then I saw the 37 Sun-Top. It was perfect for what we needed. It had good carrying capacity and didn’t need to be pulled out of the water every day, which was important.”



Hayden, Harry and Rosie on handover of their Axopar 28 Aft Cabin. Harry said “I was extremely impressed with the way the boat handled on the trip offshore”.

Axopar 28-T-Top Handover on our beautiful Sydney which started in the afternoon but everyone was have so much fun they were still going at dusk! The new happy owner said  “I just love it”!

David O’Connor could not stop saying how excited he was about his new Axopar 28 purchase on handover day. His ear to ear grin and massive thumbs up says it all…

The Davis family love their Axopar 28, they use it most weekends and Friday evenings for wake boarding, day trips with friends, finding secluded beaches and seeing the city at night.


Ian and Julianne Gribble just received their new Axopar 28 Aft Cabin and have done nothing but praise the decision since…  in their words has “EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS” in more ways than one!





We strive to redefine and enhance your boating experience with modern design and functionality, to achieve exhilarating and fuel efficient driving combined with competitive pricing.



Here is what you need to know about Axopar engines and why Axopar use Verado Outboard Engines rather than others including 4 stroke…



The market leader and Eyachts best selling range in our exclusive European portfolio…

Axopar is the newest addition to the founders portfolio of boat brands, with the successful Scandinavian brands Aquador, Paragon Yachts and XO Boats already being well known international trademarks. All brands have been awarded the prestigious “Motorboat of The Year” title.

The company had its debut during the 2014 season with the hugely successful and multi-award winning Axopar 28 model range. To further strengthen the Axopar brand and to widen our customer base two new model ranges have been released with the same characteristics as the 28 range. The Axopar 37 and Axopar 24 model ranges brings Axopar to the the 11 meter and 7 meter sizes with boats that are easy to handle, safe to drive, fuel-efficient and competitively priced.

Axopar has consistently reinvested their profits into R&D redesigning the Axopar 28 in 2018 to answer the requests of the consumer and has since revolutionised the flagship Axopar 37, resculpting every millimetre in 2020.

Since the start of serial production Axopar Boats has grown significantly during its time on the market with over 2000 boats produced and delivered and with an preorder book of over 500 units in the pipeline for the Axopar 37 range alone in 2020, making Axopar THE fastest growing European boat brands. The success comes not only from an amazing product but also builds on the strength of the ever-expanding dealer network. Axopar boats now have 95 premium dealers in 45 countries.

Axopar brings new thinking to the boating industry with solid design derived from years of experience. Incorporating modular design to combine the advantages of their unique and amazing hull with the freedom of customization to answer to today’s customers’ needs and demands – Finnish boat design at its best. Axopar boats are functional, easy to access and simple to handle, with a focus on future boating needs and the changing boating behaviour towards a demand for easier and more affordable boating with lower running costs, easier maintenance and higher residual values.