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The Fjord and Sealine factory review comes from David Seal who did his research and discusses the awesome Hanse Group factory and also has his say on both Fjord and Sealine yachts.










The Factory

“(Fjord and Sealine are) built in what must built in a tremendously impressive facility in Greifswald, Germany.”

“When you think about yacht builders in Germany, most likely brands come to mind that build enormous giga yachts that are far outside the spending power of most mortals. However, there is also a very active yacht building industry in Germany producing both power and sailing yachts that offer great value for money and are achievable to a far larger demographic.”

“In heaven the mechanics are Germans and there is a good reason for that, German engineering and German mechanics really are superb.”

“I think it’s great that Germany isn’t limited to the construction of giga yachts… with Hanse group there is a great range of German build yachts… a fantastic range or motor yachts and all at prices that can be achieved by people with relatively moderate incomes.”

Fjord Motor Boats

“(Fjord) are very sleek looking boats with impressive performance.”

“(Fjord) put a lot of emphasis on the quality of the hull design and its strength on almost every model I looked featured some footage of it crashing through a sizeable way, which honestly is great testimony to the confidence that they have in there build quality.”

Sealine Yachts

Sealine yachts offer an interesting range of yachts that could be considered as entry level for those who are starting to indulge in passion for luxury boats.”

“(The Sealine 33ft range) is mightily impressive how much they’ve packed into these yachts with a nicely appointed cabin, a second aft cabin and a decent inside outside living area, with cooking appliances and easy and safe access to the water.”

“(On the Sealine F530) just look at how they extended the flybridge back as long as it can possibly go without compromising aesthetics or engineering of course… that is impressive on a yacht of this size and shows that Sealine are successfully tackling that constant change that small boat manufacturers always face of form against function.”